Recipe Review – Crock Pot Asian Pork with Mushrooms

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We tried this tonight; the recipe is from Neither of us has ever had Chinese Five Spice before, so when I opened it to put into the crock pot I was a little concerned about the licorice smell. I’m not a fan of black licorice and Chinese Five Spice contains Star Anise, which smells just like black licorice to me. But the recipe only needs 1/2 tsp. So I figured, hoped, the rest of the ingredients would take care of the black licorice scent and possible flavor. We went with the pork we had on hand, which happened to be Pork Butt Steak. I put everything together last night and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I wasn’t sure what to do with the scallions, cilantro and mushrooms, because the recipe doesn’t address it. Based on teh picture it looks like they’re used on top of the meat after cooking. I added them during the cooking processes.

Results?  Awesome! The smell and taste of the Chinese Five Spice was still prominent, but it worked. We will definitely be doing this again. In fact, I can easily imagine doing this with beef or chicken. It was easy to put together, even though I kept forgetting to add stuff. It cooked up nice and tender. In fact, while I was waiting on the rest of dinner to cook and was doing dishes I kept snacking on pieces of the meat. Which would explain why I got full nice and quickly. Here’s what ours looked like, out of the crock pot. 


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