Man, what a weekend!

It was the 25th anniversary of the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapters Bike MS. And my 5th year of participation! The last 3 years I’ve volunteered, the first two years were as a SAG (Support and Gear) driver and this year I coordinated the SAG Drivers along with Dad. Going into the weekend everyone was performing an anti-rain dance, sun dances, doing anything they could in hopes that the rain would hold off until AFTER the ride. The weather forecast was calling for rain at the least and we were hoping that was all we would get. Thankfully on Saturday we didn’t get any rain. It was overcast and then breezy, which helped a lot at keeping the heat down. We also didn’t have any medical emergencies this year; part of that was due to the cooler temperatures. The century route was closed as a precaution, although we did have a rider get confused and end up on the century route, even though he meant to take the 50 mile route. Oops 🙂

Because the century route was closed, Saturday was the earliest the ride as finished in years. Dad and I were in Orlando by 3pm! It was a little too breezy to go swimming, plus I was the only one who brought a suit in hopes of possibly making it into the beautiful pool at the Caribe Royale. Sunday was forecast for more rain, a 60% chance by noon. But the morning was decent, we didn’t have to delay the start of the ride this year thankfully. My SAG drivers got out on the course and I headed back to Lake Wales to direct them all. The first riders made it back to Bok Tower at 9:15, a mere 2 hours after the start of the ride!!! We did get some brief rain showers late morning, but they were thankfully very brief. I would say that the ride this year was a definite success. Sadly we had less volunteers this year than in years past, but we were able to make the ride go as smoothly as possible for all participants. I’m already looking forward to next year.


2 Responses to Man, what a weekend!

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I can’t believe yours has come and gone already. It seems too early in the year! Of course, we can’t have something like that here this time of year, because it probably would be snowed out! Or blown out…

    Glad your event was a success, and glad you were able to volunteer again!


    • craftycritter says:

      I know! It actually was earlier this year by almost a month. Which actually is a good thing in a way, less heat and humidity. But the downside? There are usually a lot of other events taking place in April so we had a lot less riders this year.


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