I did it!

I successfully completed my first ever 5k! I participated in Miles for Moffitt on Saturday; everything there was donated so that meant that 100% of money raised through fundraising and participation fees went to Moffitt Cancer Center. My goal was to come in under 50 minutes and I more than succeeded. My official chip time was 42:40; not bad for a first time runner who wasn’t as prepared as she’d like to be.

The event took place on the campus of University of South Florida. The roads were closed off for the participants, which was awesome. There were people all over the course cheering us on and handing out water. There was one group of people on the side cheering with a lady in a wheelchair. From somewhat of a distance the lady looked like she was older; very frail looking – something that could be seen from far away. I was surprised, and fighting back tears, when I saw how young her face actually was. I honestly would be surprised to hear if she was thirty. I was also fighting back tears anytime I read the signs people were wearing. There was a lot of “In Memory Of” “In Honor Of” etc. I had to stop reading them otherwise I would have been bawling the entire time.

I decided to go with a 10:1 interval, 10 minutes of jogging and one minute of walking. I was actually able to stick to that very well with the exception of the one hill we found. I made it about halfway up the hill before I had to walk the rest. I can remember thinking I wish I had Duncan with. He would have been trotting up that hill like it was nothing and pulling me along. At one point the 5 mile and the 5 k split up; there was a volunteer holding up a sign for the 5 mile. In my “Oh lord are we done yet” exhausted state I actually read it as “Smile” and thought that maybe they had a photographer at that section. So silly me, I pasted on a smile (easy enough to do thanks to all my years of competitive dance when I was younger). After I turned the corner to follow the 5k route it didn’t take long before I could see the USF Sun Dome on my left. I knew then that I was almost done.

J actually meet up with me about 100 meters out from the finish line. He wasn’t a race participant, but was there to cheer me on. And he “escorted” me to the end. Mom tried to get pictures, but her phone wouldn’t click. So for right now the only picture I have is my back as we started. I got cooled down, got in line for some refueling and then headed over to the line for the free massages. Man did that feel good on my legs! When we got home the first thing I did was head into an epsom salt bath. By the time I went to bed Saturday night my legs were still very sore but a good nights sleep helped relieve that. Now it’s time to find my next 5k and work on improving that time.


Official time: 42:40
#151 out of 212 women for my age group
#821 out of 1314 women overall


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