Massive Suckiness

Today we’re taking a break from your irregularly scheduled somewhat happy, upbeat posts. Today, I’m whining. You’ve been warned, so feel free to skip 🙂

Why am I whining? Because I hurt, and I’m tired, and it’s hot. Heat is definitely not something unusual. I live in Central Florida, we’re hot 9-10 months of the year. And I know the rest of the country is experiencing heat waves too. But it’s hot here too. And it’s making my head hurt. I walk outside and my head starts throbbing. Go inside and it dials back down. 

Also, my feet hurt. I’m whining about my MS this weekend. My feet hurt. It’s not bad when I’m sitting, but standing and walking. Ugh. Pain. Thankfully it’s a low level pain; but it is enough pain that I’m not going running today. Hopefully it’ll be done in a few days. I have my second 5k in 2 days! 

Another MS whine is fatigue. This honestly isn’t anything new for me. I’m always tired and I take meds to help combat the fatigue. But some days are worse than others and the constant desire to nap/sleep gets really old after awhile. It really makes me not want to do stuff at times. And other times I battle through the fatigue to do simple things. I’m over it!


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