Wheeee! Whee Whee Wheeeeeee!!

Last weekend J and I had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of beautiful, wonderful, funny and fabulous people for a weekend of rafting, zip lining and fun. We flew into Colorado Springs on Thursday and drove to Canon City (imagine the little wavy thing over the first n). In all I think there were about 20 people that got together for this.  We rented a house from Royal Gorge Rafting and the place was amazing! It had 6 or 7 bedrooms, a kitchen to drool over, tons of deck space and views that wouldn’t quit.   Thursday and Friday was spent relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous weather and fantastic company. On Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn (ok, it really wasn’t THAT early) and headed down the mountain and 100 yards (hah!) across the street where we split up into two groups for zip lining. J and I have done this before, we did it years ago in Belize. But we were looking forward to flying through the air over a different terrain.

Zip lining started with ground school so everyone knows what to expect. Once we all had a turn there we started on our first adventure of the day. My group had a couple of nervous people, but after that first flight they were relaxed and hooked. The zip lining took about two hours total, the time definitely did not seem long enough.   

After zip lining the group had lunch before heading to the rest of our adventure. 

White water rafting was a blast! If the water had been much lower it would have been cancelled so I’m glad it wasn’t.  Our raft guide was very lecture-y as we got going and even tried to dump us at one point. He said he did it because he wanted us to know what to do/what it was like to fall out. The two people who went over the side thankfully didn’t fall totally and completely in. We were able to get them back into the raft right away. Our trip down the Arkansas River continued and I swear every time there was anything resembling rapids our guide deliberately turned the boat so the left side (my side of course) got the brunt of it. At first the water was freezing but it didn’t take too long to get acclimated.

The official photographers were on the course in kayaks. At one point two of us (I was 1) had fallen out of the raft.  I looked back up river just in time to see my raft get yanked loose and two more people go flying overboard. Apparently the raft had gotten stuck and one of the photographers somehow got half of his kayak stuck under our raft. The photographer yanked the raft loose and that’s what sent the other two over.  Rafting was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Definitely something I’d do again.

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The experience we had with Royal Gorge was fabulous! Any time we had a question they got back to us quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I definitely would recommend this company for zip lining, rafting and house rental.


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