Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose

-Lyndon Johnson

I have a collection of fortune cookie sayings taped to my monitor at work.  The ones that make it up there are ones that resonanate with me on a personal level and I’ve been using as a motivation for losing weight and becoming healthier.  I only have six so I decided that I needed to find some daily quotes to bring into the rotation.  I’ve been using these quotes to think about how it applies to me and what it means for my life and my journey. I’ve been blogging my thoughts about it elsewhere, in a somewhat more private forum and thought that it was time to bring it over here. Right now I’m working off of two different apps on my phone, but I’m still slightly hesitant about them. So if anyone has any recommendations for a site or app youabsolutely love, or even just want to share a quote that means a lot or has really motivated you, then I encourage you to share the information.

Onto today’s quote.  This one almost seems easy in how it applies.  I can’t think of how many times I’ve “messed” up in a day and eaten way over my points. Or just flat out decided to forget it all and eat whatever I wanted.  And how many times I’ve said “Tomorrow I’ll start over, tomorrow I’ll track what I eat and make good choices.”  How many times I’ve thought “Why did I do that?”  As it says, I can’t change what I did yesterday.  I can’t go back in time (Marty McFly and Doc hurry up with that time machine already!) and change what I did, I can’t undo those choices. I can’t go back to yesterday and add in more exercise, or more fruits and vegetables.

Instead I can focus on today and tomorrow.  Each day is a new start.  Each day is a reset and it allows me to do or don’t do what I should have done yesterday.  My yesterday actually wasn’t too bad. We had Chinese for dinner and I did not order Crab (Krab?) Rangoons, I did not order a large Honey Chicken. Instead I got the small size and only ate half. I did, however, eat a bunch of potato chips knowing I didn’t actually have the points for them. And I didn’t get in extra exercise.  So today will be a win. Today I will track everything, I will get in my good health guidelines and I will walk the dogs after my Weight Watchers meeting.  That will be my win for today.


2 Responses to Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose

  1. […] Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose […]


  2. jimmiesworld says:

    Yes, ma’am. This is good stuff.


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