Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.

-Sarah Bernhardt

I freely admit to being pretty slow this morning; something I fully blame on the fact I stayed up to watch American Horror Story: Asylum last night and didn’t go to bed until later than I normally do.  BTW, it was totally worth it.  Anyway, back to being slow.  The first part of today’s quote seems pretty self-evident to me.  After all, we hear it all the time.  Working out will give you more energy (lies! Lies I tell you!), you’ll sleep better (I so don’t need help there), and overall feel better.  Ok, so let’s say that’s true.  For everyone else anyway 🙂  You work out, thereby spending energy, and as a result you eventually gain energy.  I can actually get behind that concept.  For the most part I actually do feel a bit more energetic.  I don’t feel like I’m dragging as much during the day, of course there’s other factors that could be contributing to that, like my fancy pants new alarm clock.  Hmmm, I’ll have to tell you guys all about that someday, but not today.  Because that would require a picture, and well, I’m not at home so no picture taking right now.  Oh, I suppose I could use the product picture.  That’d be a much better picture anyway. 

Dang, I feel like the dog in Up.  I’m sorry.  Let me get back on topic.  So the first part of the quote is easy.  It actually makes me think of the saying “You have to spend money to make money.”  Except instead of money, it’s obviously energy that needs spending.

The second part of the quote; I feel like there’s something missing.  It almost seems like it should read more like “It is by spending energy on oneself (or by spending ones energy) that one becomes rich.”  I like that, let’s pretend that’s what it actually says.  So that means the energy I’m spending in working out and burning calories will make me a lot more rich in energy.  Instead of spending the day wishing I was at home in bed still (oh man that sounds so nice right about now) I’m more interested in doing other stuff.  Working out gives me the energy and desire to walk the dogs, to work in the yard (still putting that off for a few more weeks when it gets even cooler), and do a bunch of other stuff.  It decreases my desire to plant my backside on the couch after work and just mindlessly watch tv.  I have more of a desire to, well, just live.  So working out is not only making me richer in energy, but is overall making me richer in my life.  Yeah, ok.  I can totally get behind that idea. 

Yesterday was a win day for me.  Heh, I find myself thinking of my days as that now.  Did I accomplish what I set out to do for that day?  Did I make good food decisions?  If I didn’t, did I still track what I ate?  Did I work out?  Those define a win day and yesterday, I definitely won.  I earned a total of 7 activity points for the day and I tracked everything I ate.  I stayed within my points for the most part, I did eat some potato chips that actually puts me over my daily points.  But that’s ok.  Remember I said that the weeks I actually earn a decent amount of activity points I do better overall?  Well another thing I’ve been sliding on doing is inputting the calories burned into Cardio Trainer, the app I have on my phone for working out.  Cardio Trainer gives me an approximate total number of calories burned for the last 7 days in the upper left corner of my screen and it even color codes it.  I spent about 5 minutes updating the last week of workouts and adding them to the app.  I have a nice pretty gold square on my phone.  Woohoo!  And, I burned over 2500 calories in the last 7 days; for me that’s pretty darn good.

After walking the dogs and updating my app yesterday I was thinking about how good I felt, mentally that is.  Knowing that I’ve made the decisions that are right for me, and I not only got in a very good workout at lunch but also did not skip walking the dogs, I felt pretty proud of myself.  And realized that’s a feeling I used to have more frequently when I was 100% following the plan.  It’s a feeling I definitely need to have more of.  So I will 🙂


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