Good friends are good for your health.

– Irwin Sorason

This was the Spark QOTD for October 24, 2012.  I didn’t use it for that day, but it spoke to me enough that I wanted to use it at a later date.

I guess today is that day as I didn’t really feel that the two quotes provided by the apps I’m using really spoke to me.  Every now and then I take stock of who I have in my life, and I have to say I think I chose pretty well.  I have friends who are there for me, no matter what.  And I definitely have friends who support me in everything I do.  So how are they good for my health?

In a couple of ways actually; not only physically in my weight loss journey, but also mentally.  A good friend will provide support and be a cheerleader as this path is traveled.  They’ll understand when you decline certain items and even gently nudge you back onto the path when you stray.  A good friend doesn’t have to even be physically near you; I’ve made a lot of good friends who are “invisible”; they are all people that I’ve meet during my journey online and we support each other and cheer each others accomplishments.  I think this journey would be a lot harder if I didn’t have such wonderful people in my life reminding me that I can do this.


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