You will never find time for anything. You must make it.

– Charles Burton

Today’s quote is so amazingly fitting in so many different ways.  One would be the quotes themselves; I find that they really do help to keep me focused on my goals and to stay better on track when I’m looking at them.  And when I look at a quote for the day, I write about it.  I have found that there are several days last week and this week where I haven’t written about a quote, which means I haven’t looked at a daily quote.  A huge part of that is my workload.  It really is alot and it’s not unusual to find members of my team putting in 10+ hours a day.  The workload that I have means I haven’t even taken the less than a minute to simply read a quote and since I haven’t been doing that, I haven’t really been reflecting on how it applies to me and my life in general.  Which I find to be a problem for me, I really need to make the time to do this each day.  Even if I really can’t make the time to write about it, I really do need to make the time to read and reflect.

I do the majority of my exercising at lunchtime.  My job has a gym on site with several treadmills, free weights, weight machines and even classes.  I find that going there at lunch is a lot easier for me because I’m already here at work.  I don’t have to make an extra trip someplace.  I have a very flexible job in terms of when I go to lunch so if there’s a day I’m hungrier I can go to the gym earlier and get my workout out of the way.  I don’t do as much on the weekends, because there’s other things that come up or other things I’d rather do.  That’s an area I’m definitely lacking; I need to do more on the weekends.  I need to make time to do it. 

Tracking what I eat is another thing I must make time for.  Like reading a quote, it really doesn’t take long.  I do online tracking and most of what I eat already exists in their database.  But some days I don’t want to take the 5 minutes to do it.  In order for me to be successful, I need to do it, and I need to make sure I have time to do it. 

What do you need to make time for in your life?


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