Last week I was sailing around the Eastern Caribbean on the Ruby Princess.  We visited St. Thomas, St. Martin, Grand Turks and Princess Cay.  It was beautiful and sadly I had to come home.  Here are the pictures I took, these are just from my digital camera; I also took an underwater camera with for my snorkeling adventures and haven’t gotten that developed yet.

E My vacation started on Saturday December 8, 2012.  Dad and I (J couldn’t make it due to a health issue that came up just before the trip) stayed at the Embassy Suites in Ft. Lauderdale.  This is the atrium, all rooms look out over it.

E E This was the view off of our balcony.  The pool and the Koi pond.  Not too bad of a view 🙂

" We saw this lady when we were checking in and then kept seeing her all day on Sunday.  She’s wearing very high heels with her very short dress; my friend Hip would see her, say “Code Blue” and I knew exactly what she was referring to.

R P P P The Piazza of the Ruby Princess.

R The Ruby Princess from Princess Cay


C These are from St. Martin; the ship next to us was an NCL one and I thought those looked like shark fins on the bow.

S At St. Thomas

S O Check out the old house.

V V The view of the harbors; the one on the left is a Carnival ship, on the right is the Ruby Princess.

V S C M M M  View of Megan’s BayR Replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Seat

L Hip and her husband with Megan’s Bay in the background

M I D These are from Megan’s Bay. That’s as far as Dad got into the water, he didn’t feel like going any further.  We had scattered showers throughout the day and that actually lead to some of my favorite pictures.

R R R R I promise, these have not been altered in any way. I’m thinking that one of these needs to actually be printed and hung up; but I’m not sure which one.

B B B B B B B B B We also had a tour of Blackbeard’s Castle, some old homes and the Amber museum.  The last picture is an “amber waterfall”.

D D t Lunch was at a place called Trenchtown Rock; check out their drinks 🙂 (sorry about the sideways picture, I’m not sure how that happened because it’s normal in my files).  And our transportation back to where the ship was docked was supposed to be the red pirate ship. Sadly it had mechanical issues so we had to take a regular boat back.

W G S  Ruby Princess on the left, Carnival Valor on the right.

W H T IMG_1425 IMG_1426 S G G Grand Turks, our last stop.  It was very different from St. Thomas and St. Martin, flat, sparse.  Desolate was the term that came to mind.  But man was that water gorgeous!

C C C C These were on the cigarettes for sale at port; I got a huge kick out of seeing the warnings.

G L L A Like most cruises there was an art auction.  The winter with the tree one, look closely and tell me what you see 😉  The other three I LOVED but sadly they were way out of my price range.  Bidding on the red one started at $3k!!!  The wave, $6k!

S Our last day at sea, another ship can be seen in the distance.

M Our fantastic bar waitress Milika; Dad had a bit of a crush.  But considering she quickly learned his drink of choice (and his card number 😉 ), I’m not surprised.

S Our waiter Sandro.  He is holding the glass of water over Hip’s husbands head by just a straw.  We elected to do anytime dining and most nights ended up eating around 8; we found Sandro and reserved his section every night after that; he was a fantastically awesome waiter.

B B C L The last night they had an “International Crew Show”; before the show started they gave us balloons to bat around.  The person in pink was our male cruise director.  They did a song called “If I were not upon the sea” and they each had a different job they’d be.  The first was obviously a solder, then a blackjack dealer, tennis player, naughty nurse, NY taxi driver, Lorena Bobbit and finally, ballerina.  The show was very funny.

F Sunrise in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, vacation is over 😦

T This little boat followed us to a couple of the ports.

F There are four visible ships in port; Dad said there was also a 5th.  So with the Ruby that made 6 total.


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  1. Jen says:

    Looks like you had a great time!


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