Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

– Dr. Brothers

For everyone who has made any kind of resolution for New Year’s, this seems very fitting.  If we think we are a success at what we set out to do, then we will keep a positive frame of mind and, hopefully, whatever that resolution is it will become easier.  I haven’t really done resolutions in years past, but maybe it’s time to start doing so.  And not so much a resolution as a goal, a plan for my year.  Here is what I plan on being successful at.

1. Walking the dogs more: I definitely haven’t done this enough recently and the poor pups suffer for it. Granted we have a fenced in yard, in fact, that’s partially my excuse when I don’t feel like doing it.  But that needs to stop.  They need to get out of the house (and yard) as much as I do.  So I plan on walking the dogs more in this new year.  I’ll start with three days a week and progress from there.

2. Focus more on tracking what I eat and making healthy choices: I’ve been really slacking with this lately and I need to re-focus on it.  It not only benefits me, but also J who needs to watch what he eats as well to control his diabetes.  In fact, it actually occurred to me the other day that recently I haven’t been a very good girlfriend and I’ve been enabling/providing unhealthy choices.  So for both of our sakes, that is stopping.

3. Running more: I have the Disney Princess Half Marathon in a month and twenty ish days!! (Oh, I should get a countdown app to have the exact days) And like tracking, I’ve been slacking on running recently.  So starting yesterday, I will be running 3 days a week.  Tues/Thurs lunch time is my short run where my co-worker and I are working on time; we do interval running and we’re up to a minute and fifteen seconds for running, a minute walking.  Saturday’s will be my distance days and I will focus on adding a mile each week. 

4. Being more positive: My friend Nurse Bananahammock has made the decision to be more positive in this new year and not let the negativity of others affect her as much.  I like it, so I’m stealing it.  I make no secret about how the lack of common sense that isn’t so common any more really irritates me.  So this is going to be difficult, but something I’m going to work at.  I’ll probably start adopting that infamous Southern phrase “Bless his/her heart” when I run across situations that are guarenteed to irritate me. 

5. Explore more: There’s a lot of Florida that I really haven’t seen and this year J and I need to play tourist in our own state.  Just get out and go see what areas off of the beaten path have to offer.  If/when we do go out to dinner, start venturing further than our own city more often so we can discover other wonderful restaurants. 

What will you do to be a success this year?


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