The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.

– Lily Tomlin

I freely admit that I’m not sure how exactly I can make this one match my weight loss journey.  Ohhh, maybe it’s because I’m constantly moving through this maze that is life trying to get to my cheese.  Which is this case is a healthier me. Although I wouldn’t say no to some cheese.  Which doesn’t exactly help me get to my goals.  But dang is it good.

Speaking of goals; I had weigh in last night and I maintained.  I was very happy to see a maintain instead of gain.  The last week plus I’ve felt like a bottomless pit.  I would eat and within 15 minutes be starving again.  It’s not a feeling that I like.  It didn’t matter what I ate, although somehow it did seem that the healthier the options the longer it took to fill me up.  Which was very strange.  J and I decided that my metabolism ramped up a bit and that’s what it is.  Sounds good anyway 🙂

In non-weight loss journey news.  I saw on this morning that Boyz II Men, NKOTB and 98 Degrees is touring together this summer.  I actually want to go; more for Boyz II Men and NKOTB.  Boyz II Men was the very first concert I ever went to; they toured with Tevin Campbell and Babyface.  If you don’t remember, Tevin Campbell had a bunch of ballads that were hits.  I was looking forward to them, and then his portion of the show sucked because he tried to make them all more upbead/hip hop and it didn’t work.  But I loved Babyface and BIIM.  What do you think the chances of convincing J to go with me are?  Yeah, I’m thinking slim to none too.

On the running front, I’ve been pretty consistent with going out on Tuesday and Thursday’s. I still haven’t managed to be consistent with a long run on the weekends.  My co-worker and I didn’t make it out yesterday during lunch so I went after Weight Watchers.  I got to break in my pretty new running pants that J got me for Christmas as the temps dropped a bit.  I found I was fine with those and a t-shirt but my hands got too cold.  My hands are very cold sensitive thanks to the MS and the constant “wind” on them was a bit much.  So I only did two loops instead of a hoped for third.  And it looks like I’ll be adding some gloves to my cooler weather gear.  If you see someone running in pants, a t-shirt and gloves, it’s just me.  Feel free to laugh at how silly I look


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