The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

– Michael Althsuler

I really like this one today.  I think it’s amazing how much we forget that we’re in charge of ourselves; we’re the ones flying our plane and charting our course.  And as much as I’d like to blame my parents for where I’m at (I was just thinking this morning, if our family has a skinny gene, why couldn’t Mom and Dad have passed that onto me instead of some of the genes I did get?) I am an adult.  I have to take responsibility for the choices I make and the path I choose.  Do my parents hold some blame?  A little bit.  After all, McDonald’s for dinner before dance class probably wasn’t the best choice.  But they also taught me some good things to, like enjoying salads and how to have a balanced meal.  It’s not their fault I “over balance” my meals by eating too much.

It seems to me that there are too many people passing the buck these days.  They’re placing the blame for the negatives in their lives (not just diet and exercise either) else where.  That only works for so long.  At some point we all have to stop and realize that we are in charge of ourselves.  We are the ones capable of deciding if we want to keep our plane on autopilot on the path we were originally set on or, to quote Robert Frost, if we want to “take the path less traveled”.  And the path less traveled doesn’t necessarily mean taking a path no one else has taken before.  This is MY path and for me, it might be the less traveled path that actually mirrors a path hundreds and thousands of others have taken before.  And that’s ok.  I’ll happily travel along a path that others have forged because I can; because I choose to learn from the lessons others have already discovered. 

I was chatting with Mom via e-mail recently and she said that she had worked all weekend this past weekend.  She not only was on call for her actual paying job, but, knowing her, she also did a lot of cleaning and was, in her way, complaining about the fact she was the only one doing so.  I asked her if, when she’s on her “death bed” and no longer capable of doing stuff like cleaning, or going to that show she wanted to go to which is she going to regret not doing more.  She never really answered me; she said she was busy at work and I was confusing her.  So Mom, if you’re reading this, which one would you regret not doing more?  And do you want people to remember you because you kept the table cleaned off and the floors shiny and sparkling?  Or do you want people to remember you because you decided that hey, those dishes can sit for a little longer; this show/event/whatever won’t. Remember, you are flying your plane.  Chart your path.

On another topic, and this might in some way actually indirectly relate to today’s quote.  I was driving home last night, about 4:30.  I was going through my neighborhood just after a school bus had made its stops.  I have never realized before, in the 2 years I’ve lived there, how many kids are actually in my neighborhood.  I frequently walk the dogs and go running in this area at various times after work.  And I think I can identify maybe, MAYBE half a dozen houses that I know of where kids live.  And not because there are toys and other kid items in the yard.  Because I’ve seen the kids there.  I don’t really see or hear kids playing outside and I wonder if that’s because they are spending their leisure time playing video games or on the computer.  It saddens me that this is the thought I automatically jump to but at the same time I know it’s really reflective of our society right now.  And honestly, I’m just as guilty.  That is something I’m aware of and I really need to work harder at changing.


One Response to The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

  1. jimmiesworld says:

    Love this one. Excellent message.


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