Spring Fling 5K/10K

Thanks to my awesome friends who I totally want to be like, Cheryll and Paul, I’m a part of a group on Facebook that focuses on virtual runs. Most of these are put together by the group members and are fundraisers for various things.  Today I completed my first ever virtual 5K.  I choose to participate in Melissa’s Spring Fling 5K/10K Benefiting Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.  I choose this one in honor of Mom; I’ve seen what having Crohn’s has done to her and she has done so much for the National MS Society with me and Dad.  So this one was in her honor.

My back has been feeling a little pinchy lately making running a bit difficult.  So I instead of running I elected to walk the entire 5K today.  Ciera and Duncan enjoyed that; they got to go with for a nice long walk.  Something they haven’t really gotten to do a lot of lately since we got a ton of rain last week.  The 3.12 miles took us an hour and three minutes; some of that time was because I had to pick up after them and there were two stops to provide them with water.  It was a beautiful day to spend time outside.  There were no clouds in the sky, the humidity was very low and there was a very nice breeze.  Very non-May like.  I’m actually glad I didn’t do this last weekend; that would have meant I was doing it on the treadmill.  Next up, my second Miles for Moffit.


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