Cat Box #1

Having two cats means we also have litter boxes.  And having two dogs means needing to find ways to keep them from searching out “snacks”. Our solution so far has been to use covered litter boxes. But that resulted in two problems.

One box has been in the living room and we’ve used a tall piece of cardboard with  a small hole cut out to keep the dogs out. The second box is in the bathroom and we’ve attempted to use a small garbage can to block it.

Because the garbage can doesn’t really work that well, and cardboard may screams awesome decorating, we’ve been thinking of other options.  Buying something to hold a litter box in is pricey. J found a toy box on Craigslist for pretty cheap.  And out of that we created a cat box.



The first thing we needed to do was paint the inside to seal and protect the wood  (because cats can be assholes at times). A trip to our local Lowe’s Depot resulted in a $3 quart of tan paint. Because this was the inside of the box, I didn’t care a whole lot about the color, which means we were able to browse the “oops” paints. 

Once that was painted (which probably should have been step 2) J got to play with his power tools. A hole was cut into the side so the cats can actually get in and use it.  Then some holes were drilled on the opposite side so for a filter. The piece that was removed from the door area was then used as a holder for the filter.

And finally, I painted the box. I had a couple general colors in mind when we went to Ace Hardware, but the color I used was the only one color chip I picked up. I knew that it was the color I wanted as soon as I saw it. The color I used is “almost sapphire” (it could also be “nearly sapphire”).

I love the final result and eventually I plan on adding a cushion.  This box will do double duty as a place to sit and put shoes on. And I think the cats are very happy with it as well. They’ve thankfully been using it.

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