100 Days Challenge – Day 4

January 5, 2012

Today was a nice, easy walk that ended up being 59 minutes.  No wonder my feet hurt by the time I got back home.  Duncan got wore out (Yes!) and pretty much plopped down as soon as we got in.

100 Days Challenge – Day 3 Re-done

January 5, 2012

After getting a migraine yesterday the last thing I wanted to do was exert myself in anyway.  So today has become Day 3.  And today I did C25K Week 1 Day 2 which took 28 minutes.  My overall walk/jog time was 44 minutes, because by the time I finished C25K I still had to get back home.  Once I got back home I needed to make sure to get some proper stretching in, especially given the hip issues I had early last year.  I was able to get in at least 30 minutes of stretching which always feels good.  Tomorrow’s plan?  Walk the dogs (because Duncan really needs to be worn out!) and maybe a bike ride.  We’ll see what the weather brings.

**Disclaimer, this was written on January 4, 2012 and I pushed the Publish button.  The fact this post didn’t show up would explain why IE asked if I really wanted to leave the page.**

100 Days Challenge – Day 3

January 3, 2012

Is not happening.  I had it all planned out, I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and physical therapy evaluation at 4.  So I was going to walk the dogs and possibly do a bike ride in between appointments.  Then a cold front visited us, and I don’t like being cold.  So I changed my plans to finding something On Demand and doing it in the house so I could be a baby and not go outside in the cooler weather (and by cooler, it stayed in the 50’s here with a wind chill).  Then a migraine hit.  As I type this, at 7:30, I’m still feeling the effects of it; therefore I am bypassing a workout today in favor of babying my head, and to a small extent my stomach.  I’ll be back at it tomorrow, I promise.

100 Days Challenge and Days 1 and 2

January 2, 2012

I’m participating in the 100 Days Challenge.  What is it?  It’s the commitment to move at least 30 minutes a day, every day, for 100 days.  That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  To help keep myself accountable, I’m going to chronicle my journey here.  The daily posts will probably be pretty short, and hopefully you all won’t get too bored.  But if you don’t see a post each day about what I did, call me out on it.

Day 1 – I started yesterday with a nice walk with the puppies.  We did 40 minutes around the neighborhood.  I actually slightly altered the route and plan somewhat because it was very warm.  The temperatures weren’t too bad, but it was dang humid.

Day 2 – Today is a whole different kettle of fish temperature wise.  Where I was in shorts yesterday to do stuff, today it was jeans.  The weather people are saying our overnight lows are supposed to get into the mid-30’s with some areas seeing low 30’s.  I don’t like being cold.  In fact by the time I decided I really needed to get my butt outside it was already 59 degrees.  I had a hard time convincing myself to get up and get outside today; I would have much preferred sitting curled up under my nice warm blanket.  But I put on my workout pants (pants instead of shorts!) and a t-shirt.  Leashed the pups and headed outside.  I’m easing back into Couch to 5K (C25K).  I find that I really want to be a jogger/runner.  And the only reason I can think of why is because it’s not something I can currently do.  It’s a challenge.  So it’s becoming part of my 100 Days Challenge.  I did Week 1 Day 1 with the puppies today.  Duncan seems to like running, Ciera is tolerating it right now.  That may change and she may get left home if I manage to actually make it further into the program.  Today’s total movement was 40 minutes of C25K and about 15 minutes of stretching after.  Now I can spend the rest of my night curled up under warm blankets.

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