Duncan Doin’s

October 21, 2012

It was so nice out that after we watched the Vikings win and Bucs lose, J and I did some yard work.  Duncan decided to help.  Here’s his method of helping us with the weed eater.

Not seen? Duncan deciding the shovel is a play toy, especially as J was trying to use it.  And the pick ax was some to bite at.  And bark at.


October 14, 2007

I work for Citi, formerly known as Citigroup, the company that is known more for their credit cards. Although they are also a bank, and provide tons of other financial services. This is a job I kinda fell into, thanks to a former co-worker. And while my job occasionally gets repetitive and a little borning, the benefits and perks are amazing! My MS drug is $1700 a month. Under my former employer insurance, my co-pay was $100/month or $250 for 3 months on mail order!! Now, my co-pay is a fabulous and wonderful $16.70 a month. Also, I was recently able to purchase tickets for 2 dates to the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games for a very very low price. Granted, they’re third level seats, but hey, that just means it’s a lot easier to see the ice 🙂 . I also had the privilage of purchasing discount tickets to see Comedian and Actor Sinbad.

John and I went to the show last night and I am so glad I decided I wanted to go and see him. If you ever get a chance, get the tickets and go! He was so funny that John was wiping away tears of laughter. Sinbad never swore or used raunchy jokes. He did talk about sex, but that is a part of life and that is what he bases his comedy on. I think for me, the funniest was when he was telling a couple how they can get their 31 year old to move out (he’s been living with them for 3 years after being in the military).

Sinbad told this couple their son would need therapy for awhile, but it would get him to move out and never want to move back home. He told them they just need to start walking around naked and having sex throughout the house. He even suggested that when they walk into the kitchen in the morning and son is eating breakfast, ask him if he’s almost done as they’d like to use the table.

If you weren’t able to tell from above, he was big on audience participation. He gave one couple a little bit of grief when they walked in late. There was a family with three 3 boys sitting in one of the front rows. Two of the boys were 14 (either twins or one was an invited friend) and the other boy was 12. Sinbad was giving them life and dating advice but making it funny. He was telling them to enjoy being kids and to take their time with dating. He even asked the female audience members to ask questions about the things men do. That was when the ONLY curse word of the show came up, and it wasn’t said by him. It was said by one of the women asking questions. The audience kinda did a gasp of shock/shame on you type of sound. But Sinbad was able to joke about what she said and lighten it up.

Sinbad was on stage for over an hour and a half. I was really wanting an intermission as I not only had to use the restroom, but I wanted some water from all the laughing. And the last thing I wanted to do was miss a moment of his show. Not only was Sinbad terrific, but my dinner was amazing as well! John and went to this place in Clearwater called Johnny’s Italian Restuarant. It apparently requires patience as we would have had a 20 minute wait. Instead we ate at the bar due to time constraints.

The bread wasn’t really anything special, but their oil dip mixture was very yummy! So much so that I asked for some to bring home. John ordered tortellini alfredo with shrimp. The alfredo really could have used more cheese. I ordered the stuffed shells in bolognaise. I probably could have done without the bolognaise, but the shells were sooooo yummy! I highly highly recommend this place to all interested.

Before I go, I want to remind you that I am riding in the MS150 this coming April. If you haven’t already done so, please visit my participant page and consider donating to this wonderful cause.

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