Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

December 6, 2007

But the Fire is so Delightful. Oh wait, that’s not the weather, at least not here. And the only fire that could be a possibility for me is from my candles. The weather is actually very nice right now. It’s cooled down, which means people don’t laugh at me for being stubborn and having my AC off when it’s 80 out. In my defense, the humidity has been lower, so it hasn’t really been that bad having the AC off either. The nights have gotten cooler, the other morning I woke up to high 40’s.

While I’ve been enjoying the weather, I’ve also been very very busy. Working two jobs and trying to fit sleep in does tend to do that to a person. But in between all of that, I’ve also managed to set up a website for my silent auction. This site is called Ride to Erase MS and will allow people to preview items that will be available for bidding on. Right now there’s no items, I’m sad to say. But I’m working on it! I started a crochet blanket that I’m going to auction off and will hopefully have that finished soon since I’m using one of my awesome new, huge hooks.

I think the best news about that right now, though, comes from Tuesday’s hockey game. My work often offers subsidized tickets to events and a few months ago we were offered tickets to 2 Tampa Bay Lightning games for less than the face value of 1 of those games. This past Tuesday was the second game and, since the tickets were from work, it’s a good chance that each of the parties in our section contained at least one person from my company. Now, since my company has many many people on payroll for this campus alone, I think the chances that I actually know the person are less than .01 percent. Anyway, during one of the intermissions, J happened to look up and noticed a staff member on the catwalk trying to get someone’s attention. Turned out the person he was trying to get to notice him was a lady sitting in the row in front of us. She said that was her son, and our conversation evolved. As part of my begging and pleading for auction items, I have a letter all printed out for the Lightning, I just haven’t sent it yet. Even better, this woman’s son works on the entertainment crew and she passed my letter onto him. He’s going to see what he can do to hook me up. I just love connections!

Allright poppets, I’m going to stop rambling now while I can still make sense. I think J may have shared his cold with me. But I’m not sure since it doesn’t feel like a cold and I have no idea what it does feel like except maybe a little bit of everything. I’ve already slept two hours this afternoon and I need to eat something and make a phone call so I can go back to sleep. Enjoy your weather wherever you are!

Location? Check!

November 28, 2007

As part of my fundraising efforts for the MS150 Bike Ride, I decided to do a silent auction. J, having owned a motorcycle for 5 or so years and having several friends that are bikers, suggested having it at Plant City’s Bike Fest. Plant City does this the first Saturday of every month. They usually have a bike contest, different vendors and a band. The people watching is amazing too!

So anyway, J had this brillant idea to have it at Plant City’s Bike Fest. I got the okay from the chamber president today and I can officially start collection auction items. I’ve never planned a silent auction before, but I’m very excited to be doing this. I’m hoping this will help to raise lots of money for the MS Society!

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