A Comedy of Errors

December 26, 2011

Otherwise known as Christmas 2011. Christmas Eve was good, although a bit tiring. We had a late lunch with J’s parents as his oldest brother and family came to town.   There were nine of us seated around a table that definitely didn’t fit nine, but it was fun.  J’s youngest nephew (YN) was very excited to open presents and was bouncing all over the place.  We finally got presents opened and one of YN’s presents was a remote controlled helicopter and a remote control car.  While YN was playing with the car, J was working on the helicopter.  Once that got up and running we found that Duncan is afraid of them.  I was thankfully able to get video of that, and no, J wasn’t chasing the dog with the helicopter.  He didn’t have that much control of it yet.

Christmas Day J and I hosted dinner for our families.  Our day started with some cleaning.  I didn’t want to clean the floors until Christmas Day because Duncan would be more than happy to mess them up again right away.  We had to unexpectedly clean the refrigerator when I discovered that the thawing turkey leaked blood not only onto the bottom shelf it was sitting on, but also into the two drawers below the shelf AND the floor of the fridge.  We got that cleaned up; got most of dinner ready and discovered that the directions for the ham had been mis-read.  They were originally read as heat it for 10 minutes.  In actuality they were to heat the ham for 10 minutes for every pound.  We had a 6 pound ham, a turkey that was cooked and resting, potatoes that were mashed and green beans that were about to be finished.  We ended up having to slice the ham and somewhat layer it in the pan to heat it.

While the ham was heating the rolls went in.  For the record Pillsbury’s crescent rounds are not perforated very well.  I had some deformed rolls.  And somehow ended up with burnt bottoms on most of the rolls.  We also put the Sweet Potato casserole in to the oven to heat up while the rolls were cooking and the ham was heating.  After the rolls and ham was finished the casserole got moved up under the broiler.  And we somehow managed to set it on fire.  But only the marshmallows.  And thanks to last year’s Christmas gift to J from my parents (stuff to make S’mores to go with the fire pit I got him) we actually had jumbo marshmallows on hand.  Cut up some of those and replaced the burnt ones, put the dish back under the broiler and voila!  Sweet Potato casserole came out perfectly.  J didn’t get to make giblet gravy; he had forgotten and left the giblets out on the counter while we were at his parents for dinner.  He had also left the bacon he was defrosting in the microwave.  So on our way to a friend’s house after dinner we had to stop and pick up some bacon and gravy at the store.  We discovered that giblet gravy was a possibility though later on Christmas Day.  J was carving the turkey and was surprised to discover a second bag still in the turkey.  Oops.  Despite the Comedy of Errors that occurred, dinner turned out pretty good.

After dinner it was present time!  J and I got a Kitchen Aid (Woohoo!), a nice set of kitchen knives (Woohoo! And so glad I didn’t get J a set after all) and a bunch of other little stuff.  I got J a Keurig; he’s not a big coffee drinker so that works out perfectly for him.  He can have coffee and doesn’t need to worry about making a whole pot that would go to waste.  Plus I can use it for Cocoa and Cider.  Yum!  J also got a helicopter which he started to play with today.  As soon as he got it running Duncan took off running to the kitchen where he could hide from the evil toy.  Santa J was very nice to me; he got me a Kindle Touch!  I also got a gift certificate so I can pick out a cover for it.  I like the idea of the one with a lamp, but the negative comments currently outweigh the positives.  So I’m going to wait a bit before I get one.

Here are a few pictures from dinner on Christmas Eve.



It’s too late to think of a title

December 29, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had the best kind, Mom’s fabulous foods and the wonderful company of family. The non-blood related people, they’re family too. J got me a beautiful pair of tanzanite earrings, which reminded me I still need to find a jeweler to reset my other pair. He also got me food storage set. I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going to fit everything in my Ki. I can’t even call the space a kitchen, it’s just not possible, one of these days I’ll have to take a picture to add. Mom and Dad gave me a wonderful new bathrobe, among other things. The only problem with the robe, it’s a very warm, soft, fuzzy fabric. And I live in FL. On the plus side, it’s supposed to cool down next week, so maybe I’ll get to use it then 🙂

On the crafting front I’ve still been busy. I finished the afghan for the silent auction. I didn’t have any other projects planned, but I was trying to think of what to do with all the blue yarn I have left from J’s afghan. If you remember, I bought 5 skeins the day after Thanksgiving as a precaution. Since I had run out of the blue and couldn’t find the brand I was using, the Red Heart was a very very very close match, maybe a slight shade off. So as a pre-caution, I bought 5 of them, and didn’t even use one to complete the afghan. I also have black left from it and the regular deep purple from the auction blanket. Those three colors are now in my current afghan project. They actually look very nice together, now, I just need to figure out what to do with it. I have an idea, but we’ll see.

I’m adding to my addiction too. Oh wait, that was a yarn addiction. So maybe my new discoveries are enabling my yarn addiction. You be the judge. I’ve joined the forum at Crochetville and I love seeing all the fabulous completed projects. Today I got my invite to Ravelry and I really don’t even know where to start. I’ve got lots to keep me busy and help the nights I work go by faster.

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