I must have lost my ever lovin’ mind!

January 6, 2015

Why? Because this past Saturday I signed up for the National MS Society Upper Midwest Chapters MS 150.  150, as in one hundred and fifty miles.  Why did I think that was a good idea?

The Upper Midwest Chapter covers Minnesota, the Dakotas and Iowa and puts on three bike events in Minnesota alone. One is the Trek and is a week long (5 days I believe) trip that’s usually across Minnesota.  The other, the one I was really considering and probably should have signed up for, is around the Twin Cities.  That one offers three different mileage options; 15, 25 and 50. I really should have signed up for that one. Instead I decided to try the 150.  After all, this is Minnesota and not Florida, it should be easier, right?

Why do I think it’d be easier? Well for one, it takes place in Minnesota in June. The Mid-Florida Citrus Tour takes place in April or May and by then it’s already incredibly hot. Minnesota in June usually is pretty decent and not too hot. Also the Minnesota MS 150 goes from Duluth to the Twin Cities; that’s mostly downhill (I hope!) so there shouldn’t be a whole lot of hills for me to worry about.  And Minnesota is full of amazing bike/walking/hiking trails. The MS 150 is supposed to be on one of those trails for the majority of the ride. So hopefully the scenery will be much prettier than orange trees that don’t provide any shade.

While I’m a bit apprehensive, I’m also looking forward to this. I enjoy participating in Bike MS in any way I can. Now I just have to get ready for this. Last month I signed back up at the gym; I decided that currently I’m NOT an outdoor runner in the winter. Nope, I just can’t convince myself to do that. So back to the gym I went. And while it’s not ideal, the gym at least has stationary bikes so I can use those to train while waiting on it to warm up and the snow to melt some.  In the meantime, I also need to work on fundraising. The minimum to participate is $300; I set my goal at $500, but honestly I would love to actually raise $1,000. I want the jersey that comes with being a VIP fundraiser.  Go here to help me meet my goal.

Man, what a weekend!

April 23, 2012

It was the 25th anniversary of the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapters Bike MS. And my 5th year of participation! The last 3 years I’ve volunteered, the first two years were as a SAG (Support and Gear) driver and this year I coordinated the SAG Drivers along with Dad. Going into the weekend everyone was performing an anti-rain dance, sun dances, doing anything they could in hopes that the rain would hold off until AFTER the ride. The weather forecast was calling for rain at the least and we were hoping that was all we would get. Thankfully on Saturday we didn’t get any rain. It was overcast and then breezy, which helped a lot at keeping the heat down. We also didn’t have any medical emergencies this year; part of that was due to the cooler temperatures. The century route was closed as a precaution, although we did have a rider get confused and end up on the century route, even though he meant to take the 50 mile route. Oops 🙂

Because the century route was closed, Saturday was the earliest the ride as finished in years. Dad and I were in Orlando by 3pm! It was a little too breezy to go swimming, plus I was the only one who brought a suit in hopes of possibly making it into the beautiful pool at the Caribe Royale. Sunday was forecast for more rain, a 60% chance by noon. But the morning was decent, we didn’t have to delay the start of the ride this year thankfully. My SAG drivers got out on the course and I headed back to Lake Wales to direct them all. The first riders made it back to Bok Tower at 9:15, a mere 2 hours after the start of the ride!!! We did get some brief rain showers late morning, but they were thankfully very brief. I would say that the ride this year was a definite success. Sadly we had less volunteers this year than in years past, but we were able to make the ride go as smoothly as possible for all participants. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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