Pain is temporary.

January 4, 2013

It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.  If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

– Lance Armstrong

I know he’s no longer considered the “golden boy” by many.  But despite what he did or did not do (honestly, I’m very eh about that whole thing), what he said is true.  Yes my legs may hurt from doing lunges or squats and the simple act of sitting down leaves me whimpering.  Yes my arms may hurt and I keep forgetting to not do this, or that and let them rest.  But if I didn’t have that pain, it would mean I’m not doing something good for my body.  And it would mean I’m not doing what I can to counter the MS and make sureI stay as mobile as possible if that’s a situation I face in the future. 

With that being said, remind me of this when I have to face a long run this weekend and I don’t want to because my feet still hurt from the blisters I have developing after the last couple of runs.  Don’t worry, I’m going to do it.  I already plan on making a trip to get moleskin, or whatever it is that is needed for blisters.  And new shoes are in the plan for the weekend.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind & exercise of the body; the two are ever united

November 15, 2012

– Humboldt

Today’s quote is very fitting for me personally.  I think of the times I was on vacation and didn’t go anywhere, or last year when I was out of work for 6 weeks post surgery.  It was very easy to get into the habit of just sitting and watching junk on tv instead of doing something productive.  I find that I am much more likely to actually follow weight watchers and work out when I have a schedule that includes work.  When I have that variety in my life, I’m definitely much more content.  It’s a feeling I need to remember when I have “staycations”. 


Goals that are not written down are just wishes

November 5, 2012

– Unknown

And now I have “A dream is a wish your heart makes” stuck in my head 🙂  But you know, I’ve never thought of it this way.  I do admit to having a very generalized goal but I’ve been taking the “a little bit at a time” approach rather than having an end goal.  Having the shorter term goals has worked out a bit better for me this time around.  It’s less over whelming to think that I can do 10 pounds at a time rather than, say 100 pounds (no, that’s not really how many I’m going for overall). 

But actually writing down what I want to accomplish, I’ve never really done that, outside of activity anyway.  So maybe it’s something I need to start doing.  I could make that a monthly thing, at the beginning of each month set a goal, or re-iterate an overall goal and then at the end of the month see how well I managed to stick to it.  I think I’ll consider that for next month.  Wait, no, I’ll do that next month 🙂  In the meantime, I’m sticking with my average of 5 activity points a day which means 35 for the week with the week being Tuesday to Monday.  I haven’t yet succeeded in meeting that goal, I’ve come close, but I haven’t actually made it there yet.  I’m still working on that.

You will never find time for anything. You must make it.

November 2, 2012

– Charles Burton

Today’s quote is so amazingly fitting in so many different ways.  One would be the quotes themselves; I find that they really do help to keep me focused on my goals and to stay better on track when I’m looking at them.  And when I look at a quote for the day, I write about it.  I have found that there are several days last week and this week where I haven’t written about a quote, which means I haven’t looked at a daily quote.  A huge part of that is my workload.  It really is alot and it’s not unusual to find members of my team putting in 10+ hours a day.  The workload that I have means I haven’t even taken the less than a minute to simply read a quote and since I haven’t been doing that, I haven’t really been reflecting on how it applies to me and my life in general.  Which I find to be a problem for me, I really need to make the time to do this each day.  Even if I really can’t make the time to write about it, I really do need to make the time to read and reflect.

I do the majority of my exercising at lunchtime.  My job has a gym on site with several treadmills, free weights, weight machines and even classes.  I find that going there at lunch is a lot easier for me because I’m already here at work.  I don’t have to make an extra trip someplace.  I have a very flexible job in terms of when I go to lunch so if there’s a day I’m hungrier I can go to the gym earlier and get my workout out of the way.  I don’t do as much on the weekends, because there’s other things that come up or other things I’d rather do.  That’s an area I’m definitely lacking; I need to do more on the weekends.  I need to make time to do it. 

Tracking what I eat is another thing I must make time for.  Like reading a quote, it really doesn’t take long.  I do online tracking and most of what I eat already exists in their database.  But some days I don’t want to take the 5 minutes to do it.  In order for me to be successful, I need to do it, and I need to make sure I have time to do it. 

What do you need to make time for in your life?

Somewhere, deep inside, we all can fly.

October 24, 2012

– Fortune cookie

Today is moving day at work, well for some of us.  My department has been a bit scattered and now we’re all together and in the process of packing up my desk I found this one.  I guess I brought it in and forgot to add it to my collection. 

Today’s quote seems fitting.  I had a very good weigh in last night, I lost 1.6 pounds.  It’s amazing what happens when one tracks what they eat and works out.  But it is the belief that I can do this, that it is up to me to do this that lets me fly.  When I remember how easy it is to track, to make good decisions, and how proud I feel when I accomplish something I couldn’t do before, then I’m flying.  And flying is a pretty dang good feeling.

A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.

October 23, 2012

– Frances Ward Weller

How many people truly have friends that are this honest with you?  Are you this honest with yourself?  I can truly say that while I have really good friends, I don’t know that any of them would be this honest with me.  Except maybe J, but I’m not counting him because I truly think that his perception is a bit skewed.  Not only because I’m his significant other, but because we live together and see each other every day.  It’s like looking in the mirror every day; you don’t always see your own physicaly issues because you are so used to seeing that image. 

I feel like society today, regarding this, is of two extremes.  On the one end is the people who will tell you everything no matter how it sounds; they will not sugar coat or take a gentle approach.  On the other end is those who will not say a word because it could be considered cruel and none of their business.  The question is, where do I fall on this spectrum?  I think I’m more towards the “keep my lips” zipped end of it with a few exceptions.  I feel like most people are aware of their physical issues, mental and emotional ones on the other hand…. 

The way I approach this, I think, is the way I want most people to approach me regarding it.  I know what I need to work on; I’m actually aware of how I look and why I need to lose weight.  I don’t need everyone asking me about it or telling me what to do.  But I do think that, as a part of self improvement, I could reach out to the people in my life and ask them what about me they think could use improvement/changing.  Hmmm, that’s a bit intimidating.  I’ll definitely have to think on that some more. 

I do have happy news to report.  My heart rate monitor gives me weekly totals, I believe it goes from Monday to Sunday for tracking.  So for the last week I actually burned over 2700 calories.  I’m really looking forward to weigh in tomorrow.  And I joined a fitness challenge at work.  It just started yesterday and this week is the baseline week.  Once exercise is entered the system then converts it to units.  Which is honestly a bit screwy because apparently my 30 minute total tone class yesterday got me almost 3000 units.  I’m still working on figuring that one out; but I probably won’t succeed.

Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy.

October 19, 2012

-Author unknown

Since I just wrote about energy yesterday, it somewhat feels like I’m writing about it again.  But I think this one can be looked at in a much different light.  This quote actually makes me think of a few different things, but all of them related.  First off is everyone’s childhood favorite, Thomas the Little Engine that Could and his “I think I can I think I can” which changed into “I know I can I know I can.” 

To be successful at any journey in life, no matter what that journey is and what challenge one gives oneself, one has to have positive thoughts.  It’s those thoughts that keeps one motivated and moving forward.  In my Weight Watcher meetings, and even on message boards, I often hear about people who say they don’t think they can do this.  Or that they have started to have negative, self-doubting thoughts.  I’m not immune from that.  I freely admit to having those thoughts in recent weeks.  I felt like since I can’t seem to stay on plan and losing, then maybe I should just give up; that it would be so much easier to just not worry about what I eat and not have to work out all the time.  Sure that would be easier, in a way.  It would also be harder.  Because then I don’t have confidence in myself, I don’t have pride that I have managed to achieve something difficult.  I also have to face buying new, bigger clothes.  And staying on my high blood pressure meds; not to mention the other physical issues that come along with being over weight.  So negative thoughts have to be nipped in the bud.  They are not allowed.  For me, “I think I can” is also not allowed.  It has to be “I know I can” and “I am.” 

I often find myself saying to people, when asked if I’ve lost weight or have been working out, “I’m trying.”  I actually have to mentally stop myself from saying that.  Trying, to me, means that I leave wiggle room for failure.  That if I try and don’t succeed, that’s ok, because I accept that success may not happen.  So now my response is “I’m working on/at it.”  It’s not something I’m trying to do, it’s something I’m doing.  And to me, that’s a more positive frame of mind.  It is something that will lead better to success.

I mentioned above that today’s quote made me think of a few different things.  Another that comes to mind is about confidence.  How many times has everyone heard if you are confident in yourself, no matter what you look like/weigh, then that confidence will show through; and people are attracted to confident people?  Yeah, that’s something that I’ve heard frequently too.  But, to me, it’s definitely another thing that fits today’s quote.  Being confident and thinking positively are definitely synonymous.  They fit together like puzzle pieces; or maybe they are two sides of the same coin.  Eh, pick your metaphor 🙂

Yesterday definitely was not a productive day overall.  It was a day where I felt like I was in a fog for much of it and didn’t really wake up until late in the morning.  My co-worker workout buddy and I did go workout though.  We’ve been working on improving our running on Tuesday and Thursday’s.  Yesterday we actually decided to not do a warm up walk; mostly because our runs are 45 seconds in length and we’re very slow runners.  So for us it’s almost like walking.  We are gradually improving our time though, which we are both happy with.  And yesterday’s run netted me 5 1/2 activity points! Woohoo!!  It came in handy since by the time I got home last night the last thing I wanted to do was think and cook.  So dinner was pizza; nice and easy.  My most difficult decision was what flavor pizza.  Tonight, J and I are splurging a bit on dinner.  My department at work had a market analysis done and a bunch of people (mostly people who have been here awhile) got raises to bring us more in line with the “market”.  I don’t know what the market is and I don’t care; I do know it meant I not only got a raise, but it was retroactive to September 1st.  So today’s paycheck has that extra, “missed” pay in it.  And we’re going to Kobe for dinner.  I’ve already decided that after work I not only need to take the dogs for a walk, but once I deposit them back home, I also need to head out for either a short run or a bike ride.  And tomorrow I’m going to the Columbia restaurant for lunch; one of my Weight Watcher friends is in town for vacation and I get to see her again.  Yay!  Tomorrow night is Food Truck Wars in my area, so J and I are going to that along with my co-worker buddy.  So yes, lots of exercise is needed this weekend to make sure I stay on track and heading downward.

Any exciting weekend plans? Remember, stay positive.

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