Even more colors of change

November 3, 2013

Today was very windy left the trees with the beautiful red leaves bare.  But I was able to get some more pictures of beautiful leaves.

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The colors of change

November 2, 2013

Last Sunday I decided to spend my day at the apple orchard; something I haven’t had a chance to do in years.  Florida isn’t exactly known for apples and the orange groves definitely are not the same experience.  In fact, they aren’t actually really an experience at all.  Given that it was the last Sunday of October, I knew that my chances of getting fresh apples from the local orchards were growing slimmer and slimmer.  So I packed myself into the car and headed to the one we’ve almost always gone to.  The drive into the orchard was gorgeous with bright bursts of colors showing on the trees.  I regretted forgetting to grab my camera as the one on my phone isn’t the best.  But I made do with what I had and managed to snap a few stunning pictures.

Image Image It turned out to be one of those perfect Minnesota fall days.  Sunny, no clouds in the sky and it warmed up to the low to mid 50’s.  Perfectly comfortable weather.  I went a little overboard and came home with a lot of apples and some yummy baked goods.  But I don’t regret going overboard, after all I got here a bit late so I don’t have as much time to enjoy as everyone else.

Today turned out to be another gorgeous day.  The friend I’m staying with lives near a park with some walking trails and apparently frisbee golf.  So I decided it would be a good day to put on my nice comfy running pants that J got me for Christmas last year, grabbed my running jacket and headed to the park.  I got a heck of a workout while tackling the hills that were there.  I can do hill work without running them, right? ‘Cause I gotta say, just walking them was difficult.  Once again I planned to bring my camera and totally blanked.  So once again, I had to make do with my phone; and managed again to grab some pretty decent pictures.


Image This is one of my favorites.  The reds were absolutely stunning! And the leaves that had already fallen made a carpet of red, which sadly doesn’t show up as well as I’d like. Image  Image Image And my absolute favorite: Image

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