It’s a Topsy Turvy World!

May 5, 2009

I know I haven’t posted anything lately.  Sorry about that folks.  I finished making a wrap for myself and a scarf for a friend.  Grandpa’s Lady Friend and her sister absolutely loved their bags. 

So my wrap… Back when J and I were getting ready for our cruise in January I decided I wanted a shawl or wrap.  I sometimes tend to get cold easily and I wanted something a little, nicer I guess, to have on the cruise.  But I couldn’t decide on a pattern I liked or a color.  Fast forward to February and the Secret Swap I participated in at the ‘Ville.  While shopping at Joann’s for a gift for my partner I ran across some Paton’s Rumor’s yarn.  It’s an Alpaca and Acrylic blend and is the softest yarn I’ve probably ever felt to date.  Joann’s had 5 skeins of Hibiscus Heather and 3 of Duberry Heather, along with a bunch in a gray/white heather coloring and natural (browns/creams) heather coloring.  I came home with the Hibiscus and Duberry.  If you want to check out all the colors, click here.  As soon as I saw the Hibiscus Heather I knew I wanted that one for my wrap.  But I had to find the right pattern.  Especially since this is a warmer yarn.  I found the right pattern and this is the final result:


Isn’t it gorgeous?!  So soft and warm and this was the perfect pattern.  I know it’s very open, but it works perfectly with this yarn.  I can’t wait until an event to wear it to.  Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with the Duberry Heather.  That might stick around in my stash for awhile.  Although, to be honest, I’m also drooling over the Moonstone Heather.  I love all those colors in there.

Not only did I manage to finish my wrap, but I also got some Cherry Tomatoes planted!  I tried last year with pots, and it kinda worked.  I say kinda because I bought seeds and planted more than one in a pot.  I figured I was hedging my bets in case they didn’t all take.  Well, I think they all took.  So this year I tried something new.  J and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond recently looking for an item he wanted and I found the Topsy Turvythere!  I had recently seen a commercial for this product and thought it was pretty cool looking.  So I admit, when I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond I caved and totally bought one on impulse.  So now I’m trying again to grow some Cherry Tomatoes.  I’m also hoping to use the pots I still have from last year and try some green peppers and maybe some cucumbers.  Yumm!  Anyway, I’m getting a big kick out of the watching my tomatoes grow.  I think it’s funny to watch an item that’s technically hanging towards the ground start to grow upwards.  I know, I know.  That’s what plants do.  Just look at Sunflowers and how they follow the sun all day.  But I still think it’s funny.  So here, enjoy the look with me 😀

topsy turvyThose are my pretty mini roses around it.  I haven’t yet managed to kill any of them and this is the third summer I’ve had them.  I’m doing pretty dang good, don’t you think?

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