Take what you can use and let the rest go by.

January 22, 2013

– Ken Kesey

This one is very fitting for me right now.  The last few weeks I’ve been batteling hunger which is resulted in me eating a lot of food.  Some of my choices were healthy and some, well, some definitely weren’t.  But it is very frustrating when one eats and almost immediately after one is hungry again.  I’m starting to feel normal again so this week my focus is to get back on track.

In other news, I had an awesome long weekend! Some of my invisible friends were in town and I got to meet Jimmie in person!  If you haven’t read her stuff, go do so; I’ll wait 🙂  I think one of my favorite posts of hers is choosing her football team.  That or her story about the new puppy.  I do know that Jimmie participated in the November writing month thing and I hope she actually decides to publish something.  Because her writing is awesome. 

I got myself sidetracked.  I got to meet her for the first time and she is the cutest thing (I’d say little, but she’s taller than me!).  And she has the most adorable Southern accent.  As she put it, I met a new BFF I didn’t know I had or needed 🙂  Vonnie (the same woman who is an inspiration if only for her dedication to getting up in the middle of the night to work out) was also in town and so was Laricha; another invisible friend who I had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time in August.  All three were staying at Nurse Bananahammock’s place which is thankfully only about an hour away.  Their time here was too short and, although nothing is yet planned, I’m counting down to when I get to see them all again.

Happy 2009 to everyone!

January 1, 2009

And Happy Birthday to my grandpa!  I hope everyone had a safe, fun night.  I was stuck working, but thankfully only until 9.  I’m not sure I could have handled more than 3 hours last night.  As it was, I was trying to determine if our time had reset so I could call off the rest of my shift.  It was that bad folks.  Clearance (which honestly didn’t seem like clearance prices) on clothing translated into back to back phone calls.  Add in system problems, the ordering system had a lag time of up to 30 seconds!!, and that meant for a very busy, frustrating shift.

But, I only worked until 9.  Then I got to go play with J and our friends.  A couple, Bowling Boy (BB) and his wife Red had a bonfire at their place.  So J and I headed over there with some other friends of J’s.  We had a very good time.  The bonfire hadn’t been started yet when we got there, and we were an hour late since I had to work.  But, the kids got it started in no time!  I had some sparkler’s (about 6 boxes people!) left over from 4th of July 2007.  So I brought those with along with the fireworks I didn’t get to shoot off this past 4th of July.  There were 3 little ones at the party and they had fun with the sparklers.  Between those and the bottle rockets Kevin shot off in the pile, we had the bonfire going eventually. 

I got to play with BB and Red’s baby girl again.  She’s the best baby, I can give her back when she needs changing or gets cranky 😀  I also got to see their pets, dog Harley and cat Coal.  I swear, Coal looks like Tasha.  That is if Tasha were solid black and weighed more.  I have pictures for everyone!  I am seriously in love with my new camera.  It has a “special” function and one of the options in that function is fireworks.  I got some really awesome shots of the fireworks we did. 

Is anyone doing resolutions?  I gave up on those years ago.  I never seem to keep them.  So share them if you want 😀

 All pictures are clickable to become larger.  The first picture has A and her husband R watching something.  Fireworks?  Bonfire?  I’m not sure.  The second is Bowling Boy and J.  I loved the accidental ghost face I got of J on this one.  Third is Red (second from left), a couple of her friends and Super K to the far right.   And check out those amazing fireworks shots!

A and R

A and her husband R watching something.  Fireworks?  Bonfire? 

Bowling Boy and J

Bowling Boy and J.  I love the accidential ghost shot of J’s face.


Red and friends.  Red is second from left.  Super K is on the far right.

Red all tired out

Red’s taking a break on the ground.  Being hostess is tiring work 😀















A Home of their own

June 18, 2008

Julie and I “meet” about a year ago on a weight watchers message board.  In that time I’ve enjoyed chatting with her, Chele and all of our other regulars, and even those that pop in on occasion.  I’ve also come to consider her a friend. 

Julie is engaged to Rob and they’re heading to Vegas this fall to get married.  Rob’s last name is actually my Mom’s maiden name, I’m not quite sure if we’re actually related or not yet, but it’s a pretty good bet we’re somewhere, somehow cousins.  Julie and Rob are not only busy planning their wedding, they also just purchased their first house together and are working on making it theirs in more than just paperwork. 

Julie has been sharing with us the searching and waiting for their new home.  And because I think of her as a friend, I wanted to send them a house warming present.  So one day, under the guise of wanting to know their decorating plans (I really did want to know that), I asked Julie what colors they choose for paints.  Then, I turned to Chele and asked her to be my partner in crime.  Chele happily conspired with me regarding colors and even provided me with Julie’s address.  So Julie and Rob had no idea until the package arrived on their doorstep that a housewarming present was winging it’s way to them 🙂 

This is what I sent Julie and Rob.  It’s called Loretta’s Starburst Hotpad Pattern.  The picture is clickable so you can see it bigger.

I love this pattern, it goes so quickly, and they can look so different just by changing colors.  I’m part of the Summer Secret Swap at the ‘Ville, and between that and other stuff, I’m in the middle of several projects.  These took me about 3 days max.  For my fellow hookers, all of these were made using Lily Sugar n Cream (and I didn’t even make a dent in what I recently bought!).  The small one was made with a G hook, the orange and green with an I.  And the big one was 2 strands held together with either a J or K hook. 

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