Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight the role of the Hockey team will be played by…

January 30, 2009

The Detroit Lions.  Yep, it was that bad!

A month or two ago I got an email at work about discount tickets for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Third level any remaining game of the season (and let’s face it, there’s still a lot) for only $15, minimum 12 tickets.  So I called J and told him about it.  He said he’d check with another couple and then take care of ordering the tickets.  Tonight was the first game of those tickets.  The Lightning hosted the Flyers.

The Lightning should have just forfeited.  It would have been less embarrassing.  The final score?  7-1, or was it 6-1?  No, pretty sure it was 7.  Either way, it was still bad.  In all fairness, there were a lot of bad calls against us.  And the stupid freakin’ refs took away two goals.  2!!!!  One because they said the puck was kicked in.  Who cared if it was kicked in?  It went in didn’t it?  If it had bounced off the goalie it would have counted.  So why couldn’t it have counted if someone accidentally kicked it in?  The second was taken away because a player made the goal by high sticking.  I guess he wanted to try out baseball for the night. 

The Lightning were outplayed, it was apparent even if the Flyers hadn’t scored so high.  I swear they have not really managed to master the concept of passing and puck control this season.  And several players have apparently forgotten who their teammates are because they keep passing the puck to those in jerseys that don’t match theirs. 

When these tickets were purchased nobody really stopped to consider the date.  Which wouldn’t have been a problem, except the St. Pete Times Forum is in Channelside.  Along with Hooters, Banana Joe’s, Bennigan’s (the only one in the are still open), Howl at the Moon and several other clubs and bars.  On any regular Friday or Saturday night it’s  a busy area.  Add in the Super Bowl mix and it was crazy packed.  Someone apparently decided some sort of party needed to be held in a parking lot.  So there was a tent, a jumbo screen, music and a huge line of people waiting to get in.  All lined up past the trolley stop, the very area we needed to walk by to get to the Forum.  And our timing stunk!  We happened to be walking by as a trolley was stopped, letting people on. 

But, watching some of the people (ok, females) was really interesting.  We had a cold front move through last night/yesterday and temperatures dropped today.  I know, it’s nothing like what everyone up North is going through.  But one thing I learned real quick down here, 50 degrees here is colder than 50 degrees in MN.  I think it probably has to do with humidity levels.  Anyway, back to the people.  I think a lot of people not from FL when they booked their travel thought “Hey!  It’s FL!  It’s hot in Tampa!  Let me pack the skimpiest outfit I have.”  Not realizing that it gets cool/cold here.  Especially once the sun sets.  We had dinner at a little pizza place and there was a girl in there in a long t-shirt and hose.  And the t-shirt barely wasn’t long enough! 

Hopefully the Lightning will do much better next time.  Maybe they’ll have decided the Detroit Lions really aren’t cut out for hockey either.  As for me, I’m going to avoid Tampa for the next several days.  I don’t have the patience to deal with all the people here for the big game.  For those that watch, enjoy!

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