Hotpads for Hope – Currently Available

March 4, 2012

The following are currently available for $5 each plus shipping. Remember, proceeds are going to the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapter. If you see one you would like or would like one in a different color, email me at


Hotpads for Hope

December 27, 2011

A co-worker and I were talking about Christmas a while ago and she mentioned needing to find gifts for her daughter’s teachers present and past.  I suggested some Hotpads for Hope, she saw the pictures and loved them.  So these are what my co-worker purchased as gifts.


Hotpads for Hope

December 12, 2011

I received an order from someone on a message board I frequent.  She requested a 2 pairs of Starburst Hotpads, one in Red/Yellow and one in Black/Yellow (for a certain football team 😀 ).  Her order went out on Saturday and here is what was sent to her.  Thank you again Strose!


Hotpads for Hope

December 6, 2011

I received an order request for these from the friend of a relative.  She ordered five sets of two to be used as stocking stuffers for her family for Christmas.  I got the order completed and on the way today so it’s time to share pictures.

Pretty in Pink.  The way the dye lot is of the center pink it was actually too dark to pair with the regular pink that makes up the petals of the one on the right.  The two dyd lots ended up being really similar therefore I had to go with white for a nice contrast for the one on the left.

 Candy Land

 Summer Days

And two sets in Christmas Colors

Recently Sold!

May 7, 2010

I’ve been busy crocheting up a storm with special orders and haven’t had a chance to add more to the Hotpads for Hope page. Since I haven’t had anything to add there, I thought I’d show everyone pictures of what has been requested and sold. Some of these are requested college colors, but I’m not going to say which college since the same colors schemes get utilized a lot.  So, without further ado…

 Two versions for the same college.

One side of the snowflake, also requested in college colors.

Reverse of the snowflake.

And finally, this wasn’t a sold item. Rather, I decided my Petunias really need to be hanging from the shepard’s hook that is now too low to the ground for my tomatoes. Problem is, I don’t have anything to put the pot in to hang from the hook. So, I decided to make one. After NOT finding any patterns online for one, I made my own. I think it turned out pretty dang good.

I do have a couple new hotpads that will get added to the page, I’m waiting until I have a few more. If you have an order you’d like to place please let me know!  And to all the moms, Happy Mother’s Day!


March 4, 2010

I have had such a positive response to my Hotpads for Hope.  I was a little afraid I’d make all these and no one would want any and there would go my great fundraising idea.  But I’ve been very pleasantly surprised (even with all the positive encouragement from my co-workers).  I’ve already sold a total of 11 items and I have order requests pending for another 10-13!  Most of those are custom too.  I’ m very excited about being able to present the money raised to the National MS Society. 

There’s a doctor at USF’s MS Center who is applying for a grant to study CCSVI (read more about it here) and MS.  This doctor believes that problems with blood flow between the brain, spinal cord and the heart contributes to nervous system damage.  This is a study that won’t be underwritten by drug companies because any treatment that results likely won’t include medication.  But this is an important study, the results of this study can bring about new procedures, therapies, treatments and whatever to help people suffering from MS, and maybe even other diseases.  As far as I’m aware, this is a completely new direction for anything.  So the funds raised from my Hotpads for Hope as well as funds raised by others during the walks and ride will not only help make life easier for MS sufferer’s in the area, but may also be used to help fund the grant for this study.  Or fund the grant for other studies to find better (ORAL please!!) meds, the cause of MS or even a cure. 

This isn’t quite where I planned for this to go, but there you have it! I need to get back to crocheting my little fingers off, I have orders to fill!  And I’m losing time this weekend, we’re Daytona bound for Bike Week! Don’t worry, I’ll have pictures for everyone when I come back.  Enjoy your weekend, pray to whatever higher power you believe in that it’ll warm up and I won’t freeze this weekend and I’ll see you on the flip side.  Oh, and if you haven’t already, get your order in for your own hotpads!

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