Iron Man – A Movie Review

May 11, 2008

J and I went and saw Iron Manyesterday.  This was very well done.  When I first saw the previews, it took me a moment to recognize Robert Downey Jr. While watching the movie, J kept wondering who the bald guy was (sorry, I can’t remember the characters name, but he was the right hand man). About half way through, J realized it was Jeff Bridges. 

Iron Man was very very well done.  The actors were all a perfect fit for their characters.  The dialogue was also very well done. There really wasn’t anything over the top or unrealistic.  There was also several very funny moments.  Tony Stark (the “hero”) was very human with very human flaws. Yet he wanted to do what we all want, and he worked to redeem himself. 

And I really really want Tony Stark’s playtoys! He has robots that look more like assembly line machines that do what he tells them to do.  Sometimes more literally than Tony wanted. He had a computer with a 3d function.  If you’ve seen Minority Report, think of the “scrubbing” that Tom Cruise’s character did.  And put that into a 3d field.  Very cool! 

I highly recommend seeing Iron Man, it is well worth the ticket price.

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