Hot off the press!

December 27, 2008

Fresh from my brand new playtoy!
























These were all taken with my spanking new Canon A590 Powershot that my fabulous J got me for Christmas!  The first three were all test shots, I was learning all the functions this camera has.  And no, I still don’t know them all!

Hello Time? Where’d ya go?

November 23, 2008

We all seem to ask the same thing around this time each month.  Where’d the month go?  Heck, where’d the year go?!  It seems like the New Year was just yesterday.  Instead, Thanksgiving is mere days away.  And Christmas is in a little over a month!  I’ve been thinking about what I want to get the people in my life.  It’s not an easy task, especially when everyone is working on keeping down the costs.  Plus there is that cruise I’ll be going on shortly after Christmas. 

Mom’s started her cookie baking.  She called me this morning and was working on cutouts.  She then wanted to know if I wanted any of her overflow cookie cutters.  That’s not happening right now, I have no room to bake cookies.  Actually I can, but it’s a production with my place.  See, I don’t have a kitchen.  I have a ki (one of these days, I’m gonna post a picture so everyone can see what I have!), what I have isn’t big enough to deserve the term kitchen.  Everything is on one wall.  I have my fridge, then a really small counter (I seriously doubt it’s 12″), my stove, a slightly bigger counter – the width of a dishwasher – and then my single sink.  So for me to make cookies I have to either haul out the card table, or set up a couple tv trays.  Both of which aren’t exactly at an ideal height and can kill the back.

Besides, Mom not only makes better cookies, but it also means I don’t have to have a ton of the yummy goodness laying around my place.  And Mom definitely makes plenty.  Ya know the gallon ice cream containers?  Yeah, she usually fills those with 1 kind each.  She makes Russian Tea Cakes (also called Mexican Wedding Cakes), cutouts, chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate covered peanuts, spritz, rice crispy treats and I’m sure I’m leaving something out here.  Anyway, she fills up the ice cream containers, then sticks them in the freezer, always convinced if she doesn’t then there won’t be any cookies for Christmas. 

Growing up in Minnesota, my bedroom was in the basement on one side of the stairs.  On the other side was, well, we called it the freezer room.  It was our pantry and all the canned stuff, extra toilet paper, paper towels, dog food, etc went into that room.  That room also had our chest freezer, where Mom would put the cookies after baking them.  Hey, being frozen only meant they were slightly hard and didn’t affect the taste at all.  So I helped myself 😀  I’m pretty sure Dad and my brother did the same.

So Mom’s started cooking baking and she’ll be shopping for Thanksgiving soon.  I get two each year.  My parents do Thanksgiving the Sunday following due to Dad’s work schedule.  The last few years Thanksgiving has either been me and J, or me, J and his parents.  I get to work that night, and I’m hoping for a nice quiet night.  I hope everyone will be to stuffed from their own dinners to want to call in and order stuff. 

Wow, this has been pretty rambly hasn’t it?  Sorry guys!  But it’s got me curious about you guys.  What’s your favorite holiday memory or tradition? 

Ohhhh!  Before I go, that brings to mind another favorite memory I shared with J recently.  When I was in 3rd grade my teacher had us make gingerbread houses.  This might have been our Christmas party, that part I don’t remember.  I do remember that each student made their own and we had parents helping out.  It was one of the few events that Dad volunteered for instead of Mom.  Dad came directly from work and was late.  So he missed the directions, especially the part where we were told to squeeze the frosting type stuff from the end of the tube and not the middle.  So Dad shows up, still in his work clothes and starts helping with the gingerbread house.  And immediately proceeds to squeeze the tube from the middle.  Frosting squirted from the top of the pastry tube and landed right on his pants!  Poor Dad 😀  Ok, I’m gone now.  But remember, share a memory or tradition.  And everyone have a safe holiday season!

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