Where has the time gone?

February 27, 2009

Yesterday J and I celebrated three wonderful years together.  At times it amazes that it has been three years already.  And to celebrate he took me to dinner at The Italian Kitchen.  For those of you in the Tampa area, this is a must try place!  Absolutely wonderful!  It’s  small, maybe has around 12 or so tables. 

We got there just before the rush and started dinner with the bruschetta.  Very tasty although we both would have been happy with less onions.  For dinner I ordered the “Chicken crusted Parmesan.”  And yes, J asked how they managed to encrust the Parmesan with chicken.  It was very good and actually reminded me a little bit of the
Cheesecake Factory’s Parmasean Romano encrusted chicken.  J ordered a fettucini type item that had shrimp, sausage and I think some other seafood.  He cleaned his plate.  I had to deliberately stop myself and bring some home.  Otherwise I would have finished and been very uncomfortable.

Stopping also let me enjoy a shared dessert.  We ordered the Napoleon and the pastry was amazing!  The Italian Kitchen is a place we’re definitely going to be going back to.  It wasn’t anywhere near as busy as The Olive Garden or Carraba’s can get. 

So how did we get together?  Technically we owe it to my friend Candy.  She had decided it was time for her to explore dating again and had put a profile on Yahoo.  J contacted her one day and they both immediately knew that they were wrong for each other.  Candy however thought he would be perfect for me.  I was just coming out of a relationship so I was not thinking or planning on dating anyone.  J and I did start chatting online though and I came to see him as an online friend.  Candy and I met him in person in January 2006 and spent an evening at Cosmic bowling.  He beat both of us, and that was after he already bowled three games for his league.  That was also the first time I met Red, Bowling Boy and Super K’s husband.  Miraculously the three of them didn’t scare me away 😀 

Candy and I had another get together with J after our bowling adventure.  This time we went and played pool.  And again he managed to beat us.  Of course, I’ve never been very good at pool.  I remember going one time in high school with a friend and our boyfriends.  My friend and I were dropping our balls into the pockets whenever the boys backs were turned.  But, back to J.  Our first date was February 26, 2006.  We had been talking on the phone and he said he needed to go as it was dinner time.  I agreed, said I needed to figure out what I wanted but I was thinking Chinese.  His next comment?  “Where would you like to go?”  Not, would you like to go out with me.  But more like he was being sneaky and just slipping that in there.  So I met up with him at Ybor where we went to dinner.  The place was ok, J was more of a fan than I was.  Then we went to the movies and saw Eight Below.  And the rest is history.  Three years later we’re still together, still going strong.  And he is one of my biggest supporters.  I can’t imagine not having him in my life and I’m thankful every day that I met him.

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