The Lion King

June 28, 2008

Sunday J, my parents and I went to see The Lion King, the Broadway version.  I can’t recommend this enough.  Now, granted I didn’t like a small portion of it, but that was just the stuff that was added.  The movie was followed almost 100%.  The play contained most of the same spoke lines, the songs were almost the same (Timon and Pumba did a cha cha or something instead of the hula).  But some songs, scenes and words were added.  And while yes, they did fit with the overall theme, I just didn’t like them.  I thought they should have stayed with the exact story.

However, I’m glad I got a chance to see this.  I think anyone who has a chance to see this should do so.  The choreography alone is spectacular!  Just watching how they managed to create the animals, how each person on the stage was able to pull off being one or more animals was amazing.  I truly think those actors had a harder job with this play then they probably have in the previous plays they may have been in.  Not only do they need to memorize songs and lines, know where to stand, they also needed to know how to move as an animal, or how to control several animals and make them move.  And watching that was magic.

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