Yes, but they were all bad

April 21, 2009

Sunday ended up being a pretty lazy day.  There were things I wanted to do and things I needed to do, but my desire to just crash on the couch outweighed my desire to do anything.  Late Sunday afternoon Fox played True Lies.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that movie and I’d forgetten that I really do enjoy it.  I think that movie gave Arnie one of his better lines ever when he told his wife that yes, he had killed people.  But hey, it’s all right ’cause they were all bad. 

Now, I’m not advocating killing people (although there are definitely some people who should pass on to the ever after or where ever it is they’re gonna go).  So I think it’s not just what he says, but the ernest way he says it.  I also like the way he segues from telling the dentist type person how he’s going to kill them to how it’s possible since he was handcuffed. 

My weekend did end up being pretty quiet though.  J and I went hunting for some jeans and shoes.  I need a sturdy pair of boots that come up over my ankles for my upcoming motorcycle training course.  Because my feet are so wide I have to be careful with what I buy and in fact have been buying men’s New Balance sneakers because they’re wider than womens.  I did find a pair of boots I liked, but they only had 1 in the size I needed, and that particular one had a flaw on the material.  And they didn’t have any snaller sizes in the men’s for the identical shoe.  But!!  Bring on!  They had the boot, they had free shipping, no sales tax and! the boot was about $5 cheaper than at the store!  Woohoo!  So those were ordered today and fingers crossed I’ll have them in time for my class on May 5th. 


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