What in the World!

So tonight J and I are chilling out in my chair watching Jeopardy.  Yes, this chair really is big enough to fit both of us, comfortably and with room to spare!  AnywayCiera’s laying in her kennel and I can hear my neighbor’s dog barking.  Nothing new there, Allie barks at pretty much everything she sees going by, including Ciera.  But what was new was Ciera started barking.  Not just her little woofs like normal.  Nope, she had full on barks. 

J’s actually getting ready to leave and he pushes me up out of the chair.  I figure I need to see what Allie is barking at since Ciera’s still barking.  I look out my patio door just in time to see my neighbor with our security guy walking over towards the cop cars.  Huh?!  What the…?!?!  Cop Cars?  Ok, in all honesty I’m not surprised to see those here.  I swear I live only a few steps above ghetto.  I’ve seen the cops here before.  Heck, I’ve called them before, although I usually call security since it’s morons blasting their car stereos.

What did surprise me was seeing my neighbor heading towards the cop cars.  We’re both of the opinion that we’ll let the pros (and the security folks) take care of any problems.  It’s safer that way around here.  So I head over to make sure she’s ok and found out she’s an auditory witness to a domestic dispute.  Apparently some guy had been riding his bicycle around in the parking lot and his roommate went to take his bike away from him.  The guy and both his roommates got hauled out of here by the cops.  My neighbor didn’t even really hear anything other than a bunch of yelling.  But when I went over to see if she was ok, we had 2 security cars, 1 undercover truck (FYI for those in the Tampa area, there’s a solid black 4 door pickup -pretty sure it was a Ford F150- with a silver tool thingy in the bed of the truck.  Remember, that’s a cop), and 3 marked cop cars.  Eventually another couple cop cars showed up.  One thing is for sure, life around here isn’t ever dull!


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